The time has come. The time for the first ever Puttski Awards. If you find yourself on this list, its because you either did something AWESOME (High Sider Award) or you did something that made me want to hang up my clubs and burn all the High Side gear sitting in my garage (Low Sider Award). Lets begin.

The High Sider Award: Davis Love III

The first ever High Sider Award goes to none other than 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain, Davis Love III. That’s right, Dicky 3 sticks, The Original Love Child, The Lone Horseman (get it? Polo? Yea nvm), just took home what is undoubtedly going to become the most prestigious trophy in golf (sorry Chitimacha Louisiana Open presented by NACHER ). How did The Lone Horseman (I’m not letting it go) pull it off? By leading a team of American Gladiators to the United States’ first Ryder Cup victory since 2008. To put things in perspective, that’s the same year Jordan Spieth was born. Not only did the U.S. win, they dominated. And most importantly, they did it in honor of a golfing legend, Arnold Palmer. So thank you Davis, for bringing the Ryder Cup home to American soil. May Bones and Phil enjoy this victory as much as they enjoy their post round tickle fights.

Runner up: Patrick Reed (Sorry Patty, it wasn’t easy)

The Low Sider Award: Tiger Woods

Tiger, you may hate being away from the game, but I assure you that it hurts me more than it hurts you. I love you so much that I was even willing to deal with that pencil thin chinstrap that you had on display at Dicky 3 Stick’s award winning performance. I know relationships take work, but right now Tiger, I feel like I’m putting more into this relationship than you are. Please try to remember what we had. All the Sunday afternoons that we spent together. I know your favorite color is red. I know your favorite animal is a tiger. Do you know anything about me? I just don’t know anymore. But enough about us, what about this award? Tiger, you win the first ever Low Sider Award for not only breaking my heart, but the entire golf world’s heart, by withdrawing from what would have been your first tournament in over a year. How was I supposed to see this coming? You have Jesper Parnevik telling us that you are “flushing the ball.” You have pictures with Paulina Gretzky. You have a “me against the world” chinstrap that would make Riff Raff feel uncomfortable. I just don’t know what to think anymore, and for that you are taking home the one thing that could ever stain your legendary career, a Low Sider Award.

                                                                 Runner up: Danny Willet’s brother

Forrest Riddle

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