What is High Side?

High Side was created out of respect for the game of golf and those who play it. Like most of you, we have played our fair share of rounds with a worn out glove, scuffed golf balls, and our eyes to the ground in search of an unbroken tee. After enduring one too many of these rounds, we decided to do something about it. What lies before you is that something becoming a reality. High Side was built to ensure that every golfer has access to the essential golf equipment they need, the convenience they desire, and the prices they deserve.

Average Box Price
Average Savings
Customer Satisfaction 98%

Our Team

Matthew Cavicchi
Matthew CavicchiChief Executive Officer
As a weekend warrior, I was used to overpaying for equipment at the Pro Shop. My goal with High Side is to make sure everyone has access to high quality equipment at a fair price.
My box includes “The Ace” glove, 2 sleeves of Callaway SuperHots, and 2 sleeves of Taylormade Project a.
Matthew holds a bachelors degree from Clark University, and has 5 years of management experience prior to High Side.
Scott Hamel
Scott HamelChief Financial Officer
As a former professional golfer, I know how exciting it is to have new gear show up on your doorstep. My goal with High Side is to provide that same experience to all of our subscribers.
My box includes “The Nassau” glove, and 4 sleeves of Bridgestone B330s.
Scott holds a bachelors degree from Rhodes College, and is currently pursuing his Masters in Accounting at Boston College.

Our Happy Customers

“The only glove I’ve found that can get me through 18 holes in a New Orleans summer.”
Z. Karlan
“Finally, a subscription box that isn’t just full of knickknacks that I’m never going to use.”
C. Carpenter
“I bought the towel and loved it so much, I bought several more as gifts.”
D. Herron